Id Name Description Organization Tags Application
05f0b810-5492-4697-a63e-5678375b1e9f Pavillon Provide endpoints to access the pavillon endpoints CRIGEN IoT
830755c0-e2b0-45ab-bb57-2aaecd2e8ae7 MEMS Innova introduce a MEMS optimization service helps prosumers about how to respond to time-varying prices. INNOVA Energy
35b40023-b4f6-45f3-b144-82da3dbd0c6a Limonetik Limonetik is a full service on demand provider in the payments ecosystem that proposes to PSPs, Acquirers, International Merchants and Marketplaces to easily LIMONETIK Payment
6b0483a8-15c8-4847-952f-6c50bf0f05d6 EMSData Provides methods for fetching realtime and timeseries data from EMS system. EMPOWER Energy
364012ae-47e2-4ef3-a600-d309d46ee62d Odite This API allow the audit company Odite to retrieve IoT datas for a given powerLine section CRIGEN IoT
e9cee165-e1be-4206-9d88-46aa7a6156c7 HEMS Innova introduce a HEMS optimization service available here which aims to help users decision regarding energy price fluctuation in time. INNOVA Energy
849dedf8-8722-4ce8-a6d5-73decb45171d LastMile Lastmile is a service that aggregate several IoT decoders, giving you a common interface to retrieve informations about them. CRIGEN IoT
9aaec024-1a58-45a3-be9b-11bb4e9e5823 Weather Station Provides API for retrieving realtime data from the Netatmo weather stations. TINEA IoT
79467fcf-3fba-4356-a2c4-71f1af9902df Quickmove QuickMove is a directory dedicated to connected devices. It allows to get information of a given device or a device type easily. UBIANT IoT
bcb44c97-2d8d-40df-9b98-1d39eac2fccc Sensor Provides an access to wi6labs sensors datas WI6LABS IoT
3b567c39-df0a-4367-bfc2-d6c3d2179b64 Sigfox Upido Sigfox is a service that decode IoT datas managed by Sigfox. CRIGEN IoT
913f60af-8ee7-4cae-a09c-d8bdf22b6bb9 Weather Forecast Allows to get the weather forecast for anywhere and up to 10 days FORECA Weather

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