SEAS Ontologies

Ontologies are at the heart of the web services semantics and of the SEAS projects services.
Get access to the ontlogies information and specification used or you will need for your APIs.

SEAS ontologies

SEAS ontologies are hosted here: and contain the main definition required to describe you APIs.


The SEAS Wiki allows Domain Experts to collaboratively develop the SEAS Ontology for the ITEA2 12004 SEAS project.
The SEAS Wiki is here.

SEAS Ontologies sources

SEAS Ontologies are available on GitHub following the link:
This project contains the sources of the ITEA 2 SEAS Knowledge Model, and the sources of the website that exposes this Knowledge Model.


Release 1.0 of SPARQL-Generate and its website is now out. It enables to generate RDF from documents in heterogeneous formats. Formats XML, JSON, CSV, HTML, CBOR, plain text, are supported.
SPARQL-Generate, available here, can be used :

  • as a Java library,
  • as a command line tool,
  • using a web form,
  • as an API.

L'application est optimisée pour les navigateurs IE 9, Safari 7, Chrome 17, Firefox 11 ou supérieur


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