SEAS Pilots and Test Drives

Three of our partners made public prototypes to test and demonstrate the strength of SEAS paradigm.
Learn more about these various test drives, experiment by yourself, or contact them.

CNR Smart Charging Provider

The CNR hosts a SEAS Server node available here introducing two interactions with clients:

  • Client requests for the execution of the charge optimization algorithm.
    A user wants to charge his Electric Vehicle. Knowing the vehicle status (current charge, consumption) and various external factors (Expected charge length, energy price or weather impact on production), the algorithm will generate an optimized plan of charge.
  • Client requests for the result of the algorithm.
    Once the plan calculated, the client can get it.

Innova HEMS Optimization Service Provider

Innova introduce a HEMS optimization service available here which aims to help users decision regarding energy price fluctuation in time.

Accessing various external parameters, such as energy prices, consumption, production capacity, renewable sources... the service will search for a balance between user comfort and expense.

Asema ICT for Smart Energy

Asema presents a web site available here providing various information on SEAS project.

It is the opportunity to learn more about the energy semantics, exchange security, semantic modeling, and more. You can find:

  • Tools: Live demo, Semantic model editor, Semantic engine, Code repository, ...
  • Work: The registry, Ontology Repository and Conformance Testing, Market Participation Store and Audit Trail, Secure Identification Service
  • Collaboration: Curent state, members and code participation

Useful links

Here are the direct links to the projects:

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